Children & Teens

Introduce your kids and teens to something new and fun, while learning Respect, Discipline, Self-Confidence, Responsibility, and Perseverance. Here at Black Belt USA the first principle we focus on is the concept of Respect. Without Respect for the Master, for Students, and for Tae Kwon Do itself, we feel the true meaning of Tae Kwon Do is lost. 

Tae Kwon Do is a great way for your children to exercise, make new friends, learn advanced Martial Arts techniques, and have a great time! 

Master Kang has over 35 years of experience as a Tae Kwon Do Master and as an Instructor. We promise your kids will be fanatic about Tae Kwon Do! 

Classes are held 6 times a week for all Belt levels. 



Positive Attitude - We believe a student who is Self-Confident is a happier student. A healthy attitude is the foundation for building a healthy body. 

Academics- A student who is well disciplined and structured tend to be more responsible. Responsibility is based on the understanding and practicing Discipline. Tae Kwon Do is a great way to build all of these skills necessary for academic success! 

Team Player - At Black Belt USA, students are divided into their respective Belt Ranks and age groups during lessons to help bond students and encourage each other to do better. During warm up relay races and team games, students are divided into teams dependent on size and age. Even though Tae Kwon Do might be an individualistic sport, being a Team Player is highly encouraged in our Studio. 

Self-Defense - Tae Kwon Do improves coordination, agility, awareness, and judgement. We teach students Self-Defense in order to protect and diffuse dangerous situations, not to hurt others. Through learning Self-Defense, students become aware of dangerous conflicts and know how to safely avoid these situations. However, if a confrontation cannot be avoided, our students are well-equipped to protect themselves from danger. 

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