Here at Black Belt USA we begin each class by bowing to the Flags (American and Korean) and then bowing to the Master. We then go into stretching before we begin the class. The Master will usually start the class with an exercise that promotes physical endurance and team bonding. After the class is warmed up, the Master will then work with students on forms, kicking techniques, and self-defense. Each class ranges from 45-55 minutes. 

We have created a flexible Class Schedule for our students and their parents. There are no set days in which a student is allowed to come. If a student can't make class one day, he/she can come to a different class time during the same week, as long as the class corresponds with their belt color. See theschedulefor times and days.

Beginner Class (Group 1) - White, Orange, and Yellow

Group 2 - Green, Purple, Blue, and Brown

Group 3 - Red, Red Stripe, and Red Black

Black Belt - 1st Degree, 2nd Degree, 3rd, Degree, etc. 

We also have a sparring class, but only students with a Green Belt or higher may attend these classes. 

All classes are done in a safe and respectful environment.