Master Kang utilizes specific principles in his teachings in order to better his students, not only as athletes and as a Martial Artists, but as persons. He follows six main Tae Kwon Do principles; Respect, Discipline, Responsibility, Patience, Courtesy, and Self-Confidence. 


  • Discipline - the mental training to act in accordance with rules; to behave in a controlled manner; to create and practice a regiment that would further develop one's skils.
  • Respect - to show regard and consideration for other people; to hold in esteem or honor for one's elders.
  • Responsibility - to accept one's consequences when wrong has been done; to not give excuses; to form bonds of trustworthiness with self and others by being a reliable individual.
  • Patience - to develop the ability to suppress restlessness or feelings of annoyance when confronted with difficult obstacles; to stay calm and work through an issue till its completion.
  • Courtesy - to show an excellence in manners and social conduct; to be polite, respectful, and considerate of one's actions and aware of one's expressions.
  • Self-Confidence - to be able to express oneself in a manner that shows courage and self-belief, but not in a way that would be received as abrassive or rude; to have the ability to say with a strong voice, "Yes,' or "No," when the situation calls for it; to ultimately believe in one's ability to succeed and not be afraid of failure.

These are the principles of Tae Kwon Do Master Kang emphasizes in all of his classes in order to help empower and better his students towards attaining the goal of Black Belt, but more importantly to instill Black Belt mentality.