Tae Kwon Do

Taekwondo is one of the most systematic and technical Korean traditional martial arts, that prepares an individual with more than physical fighting skills. It is a type of discipline that works to enlighten and enhance the mind as well. Currently, Taekwondo is a globalized sport that continues to grow and is recognized as an Olympic event. 

So what does "Taekwondo" exactly mean Although Taekwondo is seen as one word in the Korean language, we can break it down into three separate parts. "Tae" means foot, leg, or to step on. "Kwon" means fist or fight, and "Do" means the way or discipline. When we combine these concepts we end up with Taekwondo or a literal meaning of, "the way of the foot and fist." Loosely translated, Taekwondo is more closely associated with the definition, "the right way of using all parts of the body to stop fights and help to build a better and more peaceful world." 

Taekwondo is used to protect oneself in the event of physical confrontations, however, Taekwondo also employs the usage of finding ways to control or diffuse a hostile situation. When we examine the words, "Tae Kwon," we now understand it to mean, "to control [step on] fists." It is in this way, Taekwondo works to bring peace to the world.

The history of Taekwondo stretches beyond 5000 years with its origins forming in Korea. Taekwondo was first known as "Subak," or "Taekkyon," and then later as "Sunbae," as a way to train body and mind during the Koguryo period. As it is today, Taekwondo can be seen as similar to other Oriental martial arts, such as Karate. Although they do share some similarities, Taekwondo is typically a more dynamic form of martial arts with a strong emphasis on fast & powerful kicks as well as detailed footwork. 

Taekwondo can be classified as a martial arts of unity; a unity of body, mind, and life. The various Taekwondo forms were created in order to reflect and strengthen one's life. For instance, the first Taegeuk form new students will learn is Il Jang. Il Jang is meant to represent "Heavenly Light." It is used to teach new students to be constantly changing, creative, active, and diligent. It is in this way that the forms of Taekwondo can help to strengthen one's life. 

One of the most important concepts students learn in Taekwondo is concentration. If a student comes into the studio feeling angry, sad, or otherwise distracted from the actual teachings of Taekwondo, then learning the techniques properly becomes that much more difficult. When practicing Taekwondo, one should have a peaceful mind. It is in this way that practicing the forms becomes synchronized with your mind and body 

Taekwondo pursues harmonious and everlasting growth to improve the lives of its students and in turn, the world. We hope you will come by and experience firsthand what Taekwondo has to offer you at Black Belt USA.