About Our Studio

Black Belt USA is a World Tae Kwon Do Federation (WTF) Studio lead by 7th Degree Master Dong Hee Kang. Classes focus on sparring, kicking techniques, forms, and physical conditioning all within a mutually respectful environment.

Black Belt USA Tae Kwon Do Studio

We are all about building personal health, including mind, body, and spirit. Our innovative program works with you and/or your child, tailoring our program to meet the individual's needs while working in a socially cooperative environment. 

Build Life Skills  

Our World today is complicated and to succeed you need to be able to focus, persevere against obstacles, and treat those around you with courtesy and respect. Our program builds these life skills in an environment that fosters a healthy body in the process.  

The Black Belt USA Difference

There are many martial arts studios in the area, but Black Belt USA is unique. We are family-run and bring our own children to the studio every day. We consider the studio as our second home and our students and their families as part of our own. 

Our program demands that our members learn and exhibit the following behaviors, whether or not they are in the studio, at home, or in the community.

  • Courtesy:Courtesy is the basis for respect; both respect for self and for others.
  • Perseverance:  At any stage in life, striving to reach goals is important. Our students practice skills until they get them right and learn to never give up!
  • Self-Control:  The challenges of school, business, and balancing time demands and requires discipline and self-control.
  • Integrity:  We have created an environment where learning is encouraged and where failure is used as a tool for improvement. 

All this is delivered in an environment that is supportive and fun! We want each and every class to be enjoyable as well as a productive learning experience.


When Black Belt USA first opened, many of our students came because they wanted to learn self-defense. Like many, they believed that was all Tae Kwon Do was worth. Self-defense is a very important aspect of all Martial Arts, but it is not the entirety of what Martial Arts is. It is but one element of the whole philosophy of the Martial Arts. Respect and control are aspects of Martial Arts that are just as important, if not more. With this in mind, the self-defense our students learn here are meant to be used to diffuse hostile situations, not create them. If at first verbal diffusion is not effective and physical force is required, our students are more than well-prepared with a systematic knowledge of using an attacker's strength, momentum, and anger against the opponent. It is a very real possibility to hurt the attacker, and so our students practice control. To have control means to only apply the necessary force in order to protect and diffuse dangerous situations. Through the self-defense program here, many our younger and female students have gained high-levels of self-confidence after attaining their Black Belts from this Studio.


Tae Kwon Do requires a certain state of mind. If a student comes into the studio angry, sad, or otherwise distracted from the teachings, then learning Tae Kwon Do will become that much more difficult. We ask that students come to class witha mind free of distractions  however, we know that is not always possible. When Master Kang sees that his students are mentally distracted, he sits them down to refocus and re-center his students. The true secret to Eastern meditation begins with this; learn to focus on the task at hand and stay in the moment. It is in this way, we can begin to feel at peace. With everything moving so fast and quickly in the modern world, sometimes we just need to sit and re-center ourselves. In this relaxed mental state, we can learn without hindrance and with ease. Without a mind of peace, practicing Tae Kwon Do can cause injury to oneself and other students.