Color Belt Test

Color Belt Testing is held every 3 months. Students can advance up to 4 Color Belt Ranks within a single year. 

Before any student can test to advance to the next Color Belt Rank, they must earn a Blue, Red, and White Stripe on his/her belt.  These stripes represent a mastery of the Forms, Techniques, and Mental strength and are mini step stones towards the next Belt Rank. 

The Blue Stripe - this stripe is given when the student shows mastery of the two forms; Yuen Moo Sun & Tae Geuk. Yuen Moo Sun is a form developed by Master Kang to complement the Tae Geuk Forms. For each Belt Rank, students will learn 10 new movements for a total of 100 movements (White to Black Belt). The Tae Geuk Forms were created by the World Tae Kwon Do Federation (WTF) and requires all affiliated studios to teach these forms to their students in order to advance to the next Rank. 

The Red Stripe - this stripe is given when the  student shows mastery of the Self-Defense  techniques that are taught only in this studio.  Master Kang has developed a systematic Self- Defense program that has been proven effective in  hostile situations. 

The White Stripe - this stripe is given when the  student proves a strong level of Mental Strength.  Each student is given a White Stripe Checklist and  on this checklist are 6 different principles of Tae  Kwon Do; DisciplineRespectResponsibilityPatienceCourtesy, and Self- Confidence. We believe Tae Kwon Do is not merely exercise for the physical body, but also should strengthen the Mind and Spirit. 


Once students receive all 3 stripes, they are allowed to now take the test and advance to the next Color   Belt Rank. On the day of the test, we ask students to come 20-30 minutes early in order to Stretch, Warm Up, and to solidify their knowledge of the Forms and Techniques.