Special Events & Holidays

Valentine's Day

To the supporting Parents of our dear Students, 

We here at Black Belt USA truly appreciate all the hard work you do behind the scenes. Master Kang and our instructors teach your children, but it is you the parents who work to make all of this possible. You drive them to the studio, wash their uniforms, encourage and motivate them when they get discouraged, and so much more. We understand that at times it may be difficult to find some alone time, just mom and dad. But this Valentine’s Day please treat yourself for some shared quality time and a romantic evening by dropping off your children here at the studio! We hope many of you will take advantage of this opportunity, because parents deserve a little break every now and then too.

Home Stay

An Opportunity to Teach the American Culture!

Every year or so, a few Korean students come to visit the Black Belt USA Studio. Because they are coming to the United States with very little knowledge of the English language and understanding of the culture, America will be a completely foreign environment for most of these students. To help integrate them into the American culture, we would like to ask you to host a Korean student for a night! Your generosity and care will really affect their experience here. It will be a short, but great learning experience for them and for you as well. We hope that immersing two cultures together in one household will be an amazing opportunity to learn about each other’s cultures. If there are any questions, please stop by the office!

Camping Trip!

Black Belt USA will be taking a weekend outdoor camping trip! The purpose of this even is to bond with fellow students, share outdoor adventures, and most importantly, have a lot of fun! We will be sleeping in tents, roasting marshmallows by the fire, and other fun camp activities. Be prepared…for a whole lot of fun!  

Halloween Special

We are having a Halloween special event for our students! Instead of class, students are more than welcome to come to the studio for games, a costume contest, and go out for trick or treating around the plaza. Please join us on this festive day!

Christmas Event

Black Belt USA is hosting a Christmas Potluck Event for our students, their family, and friends! We will be playing different types of games and a talent show will also be hosted. A raffle ticket drawing will also be scheduled with many prizes (mountain bike). The studio will provide Korean BBQ and we ask that each family bring a single dish to the party. We feel that our students and their families should take advantage of this event to bond together as a family, get to know other students and families better, and last but not least, just have some good old fashioned fun. We hope that many people will attend this event to start off their holidays!